The African Side Movie Trailer

The Story of Africa You Don't Know

This is a one of a kind African movie that showcases the positive side of Africa rarely ever seen. It is a African movie about Africa from an African’s perspective. It showcases the way of life for modern day Africans, the African culture and history and explains ancient traditional customs while celebrating African music, African dance and the welcoming nature of Africans.

"Challenges your perception of Africa"

                                                                          - D. Washington, Actor/Director

"Inspiring, Educational, and Exciting"

                                                                            - A. Ukpo, Brigadier General

"Bridges the gap between African Americans and Africans"

                                                                            - Bill Wynn, Producer

Tracing the most recent African history – the last three hundred years, this african movie attempts to explain the reasons for the negative perception of Africa by the news media, other filmmakers and the west in general. This African movie addresses issues stemming from African history including the slave trade as well as more recent western ideologies such as colonization, apartheid and assimilation and their impact on Africans.
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Movie Comments...


This is Truly Another Side of Africa

"As a film director, I was very impressed with the production and delivery style of the African Side movie. It was very informative and an eye opening picture. There were several exciting cultural and traditional things I didn't know about. Thank you very much for putting together such an excellent African film. I now know a lot more about the African continent and I hope to visit Africa sometime soon."

- Bill Rogers, Film Director


Thumbs up George!

"Must confess I am in awe of the extent of your creative realm. You have single handedly answered and satisfied the curiosity of a whole generation by belling a cat many people have shied away from. Congratulations on a job well done. More grease to your very accomplished elbow!"

- May Olusola, Publisher


Loved this African Movie

"I really loved this African Movie! Finally someone puts out a fine African film about our culture, history, African music and points of view IN A POSITIVE WAY! I sincerely hope that you continue this positivity as we all Africans really need to break the stereotypes out there..."

- Anonymous, Visitor


Finally Positive Black Movies About Africa

"I really enjoyed watching the positive side about the Motherland...I just regret it wasn't longer! I think the last portion of this black movie deserved a bit more conversation about the African culture and also about African history. Look forward to part II of this very positive movement in African movie genre... this is truly a great service to spreading out a more balanced side of the Motherland."

- Susan O., Visitor


Loved the African Culture and African Dancing

"Can't wait to see this African movie to learn more about my heritage, especially the African Music and traditional African Dance. The trailer is truly inspirational and left me hanging to see more of the  African history and the postive side of Africa.  I am really interested in the African culture and the African dancing...and hope to visit someday soon. I've always been a great fan and I've taken dancing classes my opinion these are new dancing steps!  I will surely enjoy showing them to the rest of the class."

- Latoya Harris, Liberal Arts Student