About The African Side

A Film by George Egbuonu 

This is an African film that showcases Africa from an African’s perspective
focusing on the positive side of Africa rarely seen.

Primarily covering three major African countries – Nigeria, South Africa and Senegal –  this African  film features the African culture, development, business and investment opportunities, city views, african traditional life styles, as well as major tourism destinations. 

Delving into the roots and ways of life, this African film presents the cultural richness of the earliest of civilizations and explains ancient customs such as oral history and African traditional dresses, what they signify, and the beauty of what they represent, while celebrating the African music, African dancing and welcoming nature of the majority of its people.

Tracing the most recent African history – the last three hundred years - this African film attempts to explain the reasons for the negative perception of Africa by the news media, other filmmakers and the west in general.  It also adresses issues stemming from the slave trade as well as more recent western ideologies such as colonization, apartheid and assimilation and the impact it had on African slaves and more recently on Africans and African Americans.

The African Side challenges the notion of Africa as the poorest continent in the world, the only one remaining where widespread suffering and grinding poverty is the norm.  Instead, this African film talks about Africa as a continent of nations, including over 500 million English speakers and at least 1 billion consumers; a place where only a few forward thinkers have realized that this is the region where the next big economic boom has already begun.  It focuses on the diversity, thriving work force and extraordinary investment opportunities available to those with a vision for a new and vibrant partnership with Africa.   
It contains insightful interviews from prominent Africans that currently or previously held leadership positions representing their various nations.  It also provides the views of first generation Africans living in the USA, including their struggles against the negative images and stereotypes of Africans and their ideas for moving Africa into the future.
The African Side is a different kind of African film which presents a new perspective on Africa, one that challenges some of the negative perceptions and myths about Africa and Africans in general.


This African film is produced and directed by George Egbuonu (MBA), an accomplished first generation immigrant now residing in the USA, who clearly understands Africa as well as the western world.  Bringing to the table a fresh way of looking and thinking about Africa, Egbuonu’s experiences position him to truly discredit some of the false interpretations and instead focus on the truth and reality of Africa.

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