African Music Song - Afro Talk Beat

The African songs in The African Side Movie Soundtrack Album were done in a style of music known as Afro Talk. They are performed by Georgy B using this unique form of African dance  and African song music style.


Afro Talk music is based on African oral traditions where stories are told in the form of spoken words using African songs. This African music originated from the ancient traditions and culture in Africa and is a cross between the “Griot” African musical style and modern day Afro beat style music.

“The beats are moving, the lyrics are stories and the rhythmic nature is to die for” 

- Candy Lewis Baker, Music Director

Finally, the lyrics of the African songs in the African side movie soundtrack CD "Isi Ewu Got Me Arrested", tell stories based on the best selling book series titled “The Adventures of Georgy B.”


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About The Adventures of Georgy B


In the book series titled The Adventures of Georgy B, the author tells several fictional stories using a central character known as Georgy B.  In this character role, he takes you through an African’s experience in the USA in a funny and exiting way.  You get to experience his life adventures, his ups and downs as you ride with him through this unique journey in the new world he finds himself in.

Griot is also known as the town’s oral history keeper. In most African villages and towns the Griot is the person that understands the gossips, politics, history and stories of his community and shares it most of the time using songs as he plays his African musical instrument.



Understanding African Music


The one thing that is common to the world over is music. It could exist in the simplest of forms as just a series of harmonies or as a complex musical piece that has taken months to create and perfect. In either case, music is an integral part of how we live and relate in the world today. Music also generally tells a lot about its source. Every form of music is informed by the culture it is from. African songs are a good example of music that tells a story about its source.
African songs, as the name suggests, are songs that have their roots and origin in the continent of Africa. Africa is home to many different cultures from many different countries. Some of these cultures have been very prolific in getting their music out there and it has been accepted well by both the African and international markets. There have been different African songs that have made it to the world stage. Let's take a look at a few.
One of the most famous forms of African song is the Afro beat. This form of music is a hybrid of various elements such as jazz, percussion, Yoruba music and funky rhythms that was developed in the 70s. Its origin is attributed to Fela Kuti, a Nigerian born musician famous for his radical political views expressed through his music. Its popularity has grown and is now one of the greatest global musical influences out of Africa. A newer form or variation is Afro talk which was recently created by an artist simply known as Georgy B. This form of music is quickly gaining popularity and might be the next genre of music in the coming years.

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Another famous form of African song is the Kwaito. This form of music is common on the southern tip of Africa. This form of music developed during the resistance against apartheid in South Africa. The African tribes used music as a form of expressing their opinions in response to the oppression that they were facing. It is even rumored that it is because of this music that the oppressive regime collapsed. Kwaito is well defined musical genre that has made ripples at the world stage.
Lingala is also one of the most common forms of music in the East and Central African region. It is said to have its origins in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Saben, a form of Lingala is said to have gotten its rhythm from the sounds of a moving train. It is one of the most common forms of Lingala. This type of music has grown beyond Congo and is regularly composed and played all over East Africa.
Another common form of African song is the Kapungala. Even though it's a fairly new form of music, it is rapidly picking up speed in the East African market. Kapungala is a combination of both Lingala and Kapuka - a traditional form of music commonly found in Kenya. Kapungala has provided a good trade-off between the traditional songs and modern African songs.
Africa is also home to a great deal of traditional folk songs. These are generally songs that were passed down from generation to generation.  They were sung to convey some form of teaching and often contained a moral inclination. Many of the songs were also known as "work" songs. These were songs that were sung as women worked the fields in a group. These songs kept them motivated as they did their work.
As one can see, African songs have a colorful history as well as a world of diversity. The cultural richness in Africa will continue to produce good African music for the whole world to enjoy. This is truly exhibited in all forms of the variety of African songs available today.

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